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Why we need to be wary on cost of insurance cover


Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

While new research shows car insurance is a prime concern for motorists, there is evidence to suggest people are not shopping around sufficiently to capitalise on reducing premiums.

Several people have told Motors they only discovered lower premiums after pointing out quotes from rivals or - in some cases - their own insurance company.

The research by mobility solutions specialist easytrip found the cost of insurance was the top concern for 68pc of those who took part in the study.

The cost of fuel (56pc) came next, even though prices have eased somewhat since reaching highs late last year. Again it is an area where savings can be made by simply comparing prices.

A growing concern is the condition of many roads (39pc of those surveyed).

Further concerns - from the 5,500 customers who participated in the research included:

* The behaviour of other road users (32pc);

* Cost of motor tax (28pc). This is hard to understand as most newer cars are in low tax brackets. However, those with older cars, whose tax is determined by engine size, are being seriously squeezed;

* The cost of a car service (26pc) reflects feedback that some garages are charging huge prices for small bits of work. At the same time, there are good service deals doing the rounds at the moment - shop around;

* Some 19pc of those surveyed were concerned about policing of traffic while a similar percentage expressed worries about traffic incidents;

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* One-in-10 drivers were unaware of their insurance policy details;

* Motorists described the standard of driving as 'average' - with 52pc claiming Irish drivers were courteous while a strong 48pc disagreed.

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