Sunday 8 December 2019

Why we need action to keep drivers legal on car cover

Many motorists are being penalised, despite never having made a claim.
Many motorists are being penalised, despite never having made a claim.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

We know motorists are being quoted outrageous figures for car insurance.

If I'm getting so many calls and complaints from frustrated car owners you can imagine what it must be like on the ground for thousands renewing their cover for another year.

It's alright to highlight the crisis (that is now what it is for many) but we also have to ask two simple questions:

What is going to be done about it? And what will happen if no action is taken?

The answer to the first question is far from clear cut.

The market is being allowed to more or less take its course where premiums go up as companies lose money.

And on that basis I'd be genuinely fearful we'll drive even more into the dangerous mode of not being insured.

The other reality is that people will go for the bare minimum. It is something more are telling me they are being forced to do to cut costs.

One case of which I'm aware involves an old Nissan Primera. The driver has never had an accident or claim in his life and certainly not with this car. His third-party-only quote for 2014 was €350; for this year it's €900, €930 and €1,080 depending on which company quoted him.

He has no hope of being able to pay such sums. He asks: "Why am I being penalised? I've never had a claim. Why am I paying for others?"

He echoes sentiments of many. We need something to happen soon.

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