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Why we need a proper detailed map on the road to Electric 2030


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It is early days and it would be unfair to foist criticism or cynicism on the latest 'government' plans for cars but the least we can expect is that the route to Electric 2030 is better signposted than heretofore. 

Not a week passes without a senior motor industry figure bemoaning the confusion in the marketplace caused by the lack of direction and apparent impossibility of aiming to have so many electric cars on the road and on the market within nine-and-a-half years.

As you know the plan is to ban the sale of new - stress new - fossil-fuel cars from 2030. Instead we will only be allowed to buy electric or specific electrified vehicles from then.

Essentially we need more milestones.

It is only fair that those most affected - you and I to put it simply - are kept informed in advance.

Because no matter what way you look at it we are facing into major change - the most sweeping in modern motoring history.

There is no doubt people are concerned, worried and frustrated at what they regard as a lack of leadership on the transformation of private mobility.

The same questions keep surfacing: what is my next step? Is it away from petrol and diesel or do I stay with them for another while before making the move to what most expect will provide a wider choice of EV model, greater range thanks to improved battery technology and better charging facilities?

We need real, tangible help to guide us through the long and winding road ahead.

Indo Motoring