Wednesday 21 August 2019

Why new cars 'don't make sense', those horrible insurance hikes, eating at the wheel, bad roads

One reader believes buying a new car represents very bad value.
One reader believes buying a new car represents very bad value.

Our readers on the the bad value presented by new cars and hiked insurance costs.

Eddie, Why are so many people fixated on buying a new car? I've never bought one and I am nearly 45 years driving now. You lose so much value over the first three years. That's when I usually buy. So I am trading in a six year old car and buying one half its age, usually for half its original price. My advice is for people to stop showing off they can afford a new car (most are bought on borrowed money anyway) and live within their means.

Jim, Limerick

(Eddie says: It's not quite as straightforward as you say, Jim. One of the main reasons people buy a new car is for its safety and reliability. And if they change every three years the gap in money is usually much the same. But lots of people would agree with, and act like, you.)

Eddie, Why don't you write more about the huge increases in insurance premiums? I am a 30-year-old single mother and I am now looking at paying over €500 next year.

The increase is the same as paying my water charges. And there isn't a word about it. I think it is a shame that people who have never had a claim in their lives should have to pay through the nose for the profits and faults of others. (Name with Eddie)

Eddie, I was moved by the story from the man in Galway about how using his phone while he was driving nearly led to an accident.

I'd say the same thing applies to people who eat or drink at the wheel too. And I tend to see lots of them, especially on the roads around Dublin. We are spending so much time at the wheel now that we are dining there as well. What a sad reflection on our lives.

Joseph, Dublin

Eddie, Without a doubt the Government is ripping off motorists with the level of tax and excise on cars and fuel.

But I think the worst part of it all is how they have let some roads deteriorate to such an extent that I believe some are as bad now as they have ever been. I drive down the west as well as the north midlands a lot and once you go off the main roads you are in trouble. It is a shame because it is leading to cars needing more repairs and to dangerous surfaces in the winter months especially.

Brian, Kildare

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