Monday 19 March 2018

Why most of us feel we must have sat nav - new study

Car sat nav - nearly half of Irish drivers couldn't live without one
Car sat nav - nearly half of Irish drivers couldn't live without one
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Last week I wrote about the 'Eight things I'd miss most in a new car'.

One I didn't mention was sat navs - I have a bad history with them.

But according to a new survey, nearly half (47pc) of Irish drivers couldn't 'live without sat nav'.

Extensive analysis found 69pc of people felt technology played a big role in their decision to buy a specific car.

The Carzone Motoring Report analysed data from 67 million searches in the first five months.

There was also an in-depth survey of 2,647 motorists and several retailers.

It found that 65pc believe technology has made them better drivers.

The report also seems to suggest people prefer technology that makes driving easier rather than having it purely for entertainment.

And we're leaving the tricky parking bits to technology too; 65pc say parking sensors are a 'must-have' (what did I tell you last week?).

Most of us (73pc) expect autonomous driving in our lifetime with 56pc of that saying they'd be happy to be a passenger in a self-driving car.

But 27pc fear not being in control.

And 41pc worry about the car being hacked.

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