Friday 18 October 2019

Why KIA expect crossover to XCeed your expectations


Yellow fever: The XCeed looked smart in the lobby of Kia’s European headquarters in Frankfurt
Yellow fever: The XCeed looked smart in the lobby of Kia’s European headquarters in Frankfurt
the interior offers Kia’s first digital instrument panel

John Galvin

IT'S no big surprise Kia are about to launch a compact crossover.

Given market demand, it would be foolish to ignore the potential growth.

So, we can expect the XCeed to land here around September, to join the Ceed, Ceed Sportwagon and Proceed in the range.

The new car is heavily based on the Ceed hatchback although the two exteriors share nothing but their front doors.

There's a nice, sporty mien to the XCeed and it looked smart in the lobby of Kia's European headquarters in Frankfurt.

It looked particularly striking in a new Quantum Yellow paint, which is exclusively available to the XCeed. This can be supplemented with an optional colour pack for the interior, which is made up of black upholstery with contrasting yellow stitching, yellow seat piping with black and yellow highlights around the cabin. It gives the interior a big lift.

The XCeed is slightly wider than the hatch on which it's based and this allows provision of a more prominent grille, with new LED lights front and rear.

The bodystyling is further emphasised with cladding on the wheel arches and side sills and standard silver roof rails: you get a more SUV-like look.

Engines? Expect everything already on the Ceed range. So there's a 1.0-litre triple and a 1.4 petrol, with a 1.6-litre diesel option. The standard transmission is a 6spd manual with the option of a 7spd twin clutch auto across most of the range.

While the suspension is largely carried over from the Ceed, there are some intriguing differences. The ride height has been raised by 40mm or so, as has the roof line, giving it a more commanding driving position. Additionally, the car is fitted as standard with hydraulic rebound stoppers on the front axle.

These float in hydraulic fluid within the dampers, providing a more compliant ride. With its slightly softer springs, this XCeed has the potential to be the best riding variant of the range.

The interior offers KIA's first digital instrument panel, a 12ins unit which optionally replaces the standard instrument cluster.

An 8ins touch screen for infotainment is standard with the option of a 10ins version, which also includes 3G connected telematics, traffic and weather information; it allows navigation routes to be shared with the car from the owner's desktop.

Both PHEV and mild hybrid versions are expected early next year.

However, there are no plans, as yet, for a fully electric XCeed.

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