Saturday 24 August 2019

Why I feel betrayed by the new charges for electric cars; season of 'one-eye' jacks is with us

ESB charge plans have come in for criticism.
ESB charge plans have come in for criticism.

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After all the years talking about having more electric cars on the road it is ridiculous that now we are going to be charged 30c a minute for a fast charge in public.

Not to mention a fee of €16.99 for access to one of the 800 ordinary charging points around the country.

It is typical of this country where we are encouraged to invest in something, that is generally regarded as being a good thing only for the rug to be pulled from under our feet. Shame on you ESB cars. Shame.

Martin, Dublin


I was considering an electric car, a Nissan Leaf, next year because don't I stray that much from home and when I do I have free travel.

But after learning that esbcars are going to charge for charging, if you will forgive the use of words, I have no intention of doing so. It is such a let down.

Elizabeth, Dublin,


By my reckoning it will be cheaper to run a diesel car than an electric under these new charges for electric cars. Where is the incentive any more?

One of the few encouragements was that you more or less got around without incurring much of a charge. It was competitive. But if you have to pay 30 cent for every minute on one of those fast chargers you would be better off not bothering.

Emily, Meath


Ha ha, I bought a good, solid diesel even though my friends were saying I didn't need it and that an electric car would be a 'green' thing to do. I'm not as green as I look. Ha, I never trust any of these schemes. Pay your money for a good diesel car and to hell with the begrudgers.

Eamon, Wicklow


The season of the one-eye-jacks is here again. Cars that are always on full beam with one working. Also the 4x4 types with four spots plus two fogs and headlights on full power. All this two-blue lights stuff has to stop or we will go blind. Is there any law against this? And I thought bull bars were banned. Meeting these on an narrow road is a nightmare.


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