Thursday 20 June 2019

Why autonomous cars could mean the end of the driving test as we know it

Photo posed
Photo posed

The advent of autonomous cars will create the need for a radical overhaul of the driving test, it is claimed.

Experts are saying the test as it is currently structured could be irrelevant within 25 years as the need for "road skills and driving ability take a back seat".

It should be emphasised this is the view of a panel of experts in the UK and a long way from being scientific. But it does raise the prospect of a major impact on how we will test 'drivers' for an era in which they will require a different set of skills and competences.

For example, they say steering wheels in new cars will be a thing of the past within 20 years.

The HPI report, based on the input of experts and motor manufacturers, outlines how vehicle autonomy will be the "greatest driver of change" in automotive history.

Amongst its key predictions are:

• Technology will control lots more of our driving.

• The internet will be standard on all vehicles in five to 10 years.

• The need for road awareness, directions and understanding road signs and signals will become "redundant".

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