Monday 10 December 2018

'When I look at the insurance disc on my windscreen I go into a fit of rage, feeling completely ripped off' - drivers on costly car insurance

SEAT Tarraco
SEAT Tarraco
Renault Zoe
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

With the economy booming, more people are returning. It's not all smooth sailing on the motor insurance front, though.

Here's a typical case (we're getting more by the week).

"One of the things that anyone returning to Ireland from a lengthy spell overseas has to watch out for is the cost of motor insurance.

I recently returned (2015) to Ireland and in my house we need two cars. Despite having, in reality, 25 years-plus of claim-free driving from around the world (most recently California), my wife and I had to reset the clock and start with a zero no-claims bonus upon our return.

"Between us we're now paying a few euros short of €2,500 per year to cover both cars. That's this year's cost, which now includes two years' NCB. It was more in 2015 when we arrived home.

"So while your returnees from Canada may be budgeting up to €18k for the car, they'll need to also prepare themselves for the shock of the insurance cost too, which I suspect will be at least €1,500-plus for them.

"Every time I look at the insurance disc on my windscreen now I go into a fit of rage, feeling completely ripped off. Surely, there's got to be a better way for those of us who take pride in our years of safe driving to have this recognised in Ireland when we come home to roost?"


* SEAT's large SUV (teaser pictured above) will be called the Tarraco. That's the name that emerged after 146,124 people in 134 countries participated in the final stage of #SEATseekingName.

Tarraco got 51,903 (35.52pc) of valid votes. Avila won 41,993 (28.74pc) voyes, Aranda (39,321 (26.91pc) and Alboran got 12,907 (8.83pc).

* Volvo has unveiled its first 3cyl engine - destined to be first in the XC40 ahead of plug-in hybrid and full-electric versions.

The 1.5-litre 'T3' engine has a 6spd manual gearbox as standard.

* Renault's latest electric ZOE (circled) now gets a new R110 electric motor which gives it more power.

* In Europe, Tesla's Model S has outsold the luxury flagships of Mercedes BMW and Audi for the first time, according to reports.

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