Sunday 25 February 2018

Weird, wonderful things we leave in cars we sell

Boot full of junk
Boot full of junk
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

You'd be surprised what people leave in their cars when they sell them.

A new stock-take survey shows how we - yes, Irish sellers are included - abandon a range of unexpected items.

According to car-buying service, it is inevitable people will leave stuff behind. They should know: they have bought more than one million cars. But sometimes even they are surprised.

For example, one of their experts thought someone had left a pool cue in a car. It was a shotgun and box of shells. It was promptly returned to its owner.

Another customer dumped a load of old nappies in the boot of a car that had just been sold.

Yet another of their experts found a positive pregnancy test/kit while clearing out the passenger side of a vehicle.

And the owner of a Nissan Navara forgot his dog - left abandoned in the boot. Happily owner and 'best friend' were reunited within the hour.

One of the items never reclaimed was something that revealed itself to be a shop-window mannequin dressed in 'risqué lingerie'. Any takers?

Richard Evans, technical services chief at, says that no matter how bizarre the lost property, they will always try their best to return it to its rightful owner - even if sometimes they don't necessarily want it back.

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