Monday 19 February 2018

Website to be set up for Volkswagen owners in Ireland

Volkswagen Ireland's online system will allow to owners to check if their car is included in the emissions recall
Volkswagen Ireland's online system will allow to owners to check if their car is included in the emissions recall
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Volkswagen Ireland has decided to set up a special online system so owners can key in their vehicle's registration-plate number to check if it is involved in the emissions recall.

This is different to the process of using VIN (vehicle identification numbers) that was proposed for most other countries and which VW headquarters announced as part of its Operation Re-Tune.

The Irish registration-plate plan is viewed by executives here as being far more straightforward for people to access and use.

It is understood that company experts are settling in for rigorous testing of the new system over the weekend to make sure it is glitch-free.

If given the all-clear, it would mean owners of the 80,000 Irish-bought VWs, SEATs, Audis, Skodas and vans could know their fate earlier than expected.

The Irish Independent has learned that Volkswagen Group executives have so far found it to be a clear and simple way of establishing if a vehicle is affected.

There are five simple steps to it:

- Owners key in their vehicle's registration number on the website.

- They are asked to verify that they own the car or van.

- They will be told whether or not it is affected.

- Those affected will be told that they will contacted in due course.

- They will also be given a number to talk to someone if they wish to do so.

The company is still working on establishing exactly how many used imports are involved in the recall. Most of these would have been brought in from the UK.

Volkswagen says it could number as many as 30,000, swelling the total needing their 'emissions characteristics' to be amended to 110,000.

Despite the recent announcements of global recalls, the scandal enters its third week with the repercussions still reverberating around the world.

The European Consumer Organisation has written an open letter to new VW chief executive Matthias Muller and appealed to him to take quick action.

Director Monique Goyens said: "VW's actions have deeply shaken the trust of consumers in their cars, if not in an entire industry. Millions of car owners have truck-loads of questions about what this sham means for their own vehicle. We want VW to come clean and rebuild confidence with concrete steps."

Irish Independent

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