Friday 19 January 2018

Watch out. You'll soon be on 'car-deal camera'. Report claims we'll do far more deals on video

Buying cars will be done almost entirely via video within 5 years, according to new research
Buying cars will be done almost entirely via video within 5 years, according to new research
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Motorists will haggle with salespeople, agree trade-in deals and settle on spec levels as they always have - only it will not be face-to-face in most cases.

That's according to new research which claims the whole process of buying and selling a new car will nearly be 100pc via video within just five years.

As ever, there is a vested interest involved in the projection, but it raises questions about the evolving role of the video medium.

The predictions are from automotive video specialist CitNOW.

It has published a White Paper on the "current and future roles of video" in the motoring business.

Its forecasts may raise questions in some quarters about all the expense on, and re-design of, showrooms all over the world.

But the report does stress the need for them. It's just you probably won't spend as much time in the buildings as you may have in the past.

After all, you have still got to see the car in the flesh and find out if it really suits and 'fits' you. It is not easy to do that on video.

According to the report, consumers already use video extensively in the shopping process.

A majority of car buyers, apparently, watch video as part of their research (along with reading Motoring supplements and advice columns!) before they ever set foot in a showroom.

With smartphone software and technology becoming faster and more sophisticated, the trend is expected to expand.

But it is not all one way traffic, with UK dealers reporting video helped them retain buyers' custom.

The research paper also found that deals were concluded more quickly.

The company says it may all sound "a bit daunting" but that is the way the industry is going on a global basis.

Consumers, it says, expect that level of convenience and speed.

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