Saturday 21 April 2018

Volkswagen: the next generation. Arteon replaces CC. June arrival.

First sketch: Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen C Coupe
Volkswagen C Coupe
The sketch outline of what the car will look like
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

This is the successor to the Volkswagen CC.

It's called the Arteon and the large 4dr coupé will be here by June, I understand.

All we have at the moment is this sketch outline of what the car will look like.

We'll surely get to see more before it makes its proper debut at the Geneva motor show next March.

The sketch outline of what the car will look like
The sketch outline of what the car will look like

I can foresee a little teaser or two over the next three months.

But it is clear, even from the sketch, that it will be a substantial 4dr coupé and an obvious replacement for the CC, which hasn't fared that well.

Volkswagen is saying the Arteon reflects their thinking and direction on future design.

I find it interesting too that they are persisting with the idea of a large coupé, despite the CC's relatively poor showing (it was a lovely car by the way).

The Arteon is also among the first brand new models from the German automaker since the emissions scandal broke last year.

Anyway, we are promised a sleek, powerful-looking motor, with a large front grille and LED lights. Apparently the boot is quite large.

With frameless windows and typical crescent profile, the Arteon echoes back to the Sport Coupé GTE concept car I seem to remember from Geneva last year.

I suspect it will be powered by, among others, some of the more potent engines in the current Passat range.

Its emergence shows a level of renewed activity at Volkswagen following the recent overhaul/revise of the Golf (minor styling revisions, upgraded cabin and turbocharged 3cyl and 4cyl engines). The revitalised Golf is being pencilled in for arrival in the countdown to the 172-reg season.

It now looks like it will be joined by the Arteon for that sales period.

It's a nice car to be thinking about buying in six to eight months time - if it turns out to be half as good a looker as the concept from Geneva on which it is based.

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