Friday 13 December 2019

Video: Loud noises as Alfa Romeo bring the big guns to Ireland

and Bob gets a spin in them.....

Bob Flavin

Alfa Romeo may not spring to mind but you should have another look

When you think of a five door hatch, Alfa Romeo may not spring to mind as something on the shopping list but they have a small range of cars that are really worth a look especially if you want to stand out in the crowd.

The Giulietta really is a beautiful car, it really does challenge on both the looks and feel of the new model. They are also putting a lot of kit and a keen price structure into this new model that will give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

They also brought the 4c which might just be the best looking car to come out of Italy in the last few years, the best looking being the Alfa Romeo 8c but you can’t buy that.

The 4c really pulls together what Alfa can do when it comes to something fast and tasty while still keeping what the Italians do well, madness. When you drive this car, no matter the speed you won’t need nor want a radio because that noise from the engine is enough to keep anyone’s ears happy. The handling is spot on for a car in this segment; it manages speed-bumps as well as the back road blasts.

While the 4c might be out of a lot of peoples reach because it starts at €69,900 and that’s very reasonable for the kind of car you’re getting the Giulietta isn’t out of reach because that comes in at €22,500 with some tasty options like new seats, new door trims and a new steering wheel, plus new upholsteries and revised switchgear. Uconnect™ colour touchscreen infotainment system, with Bluetooth and DAB, standard across the range.

There is also the MiTo, yes it is spelled like that and this is a handy city car that really comes with lots of style and some substance too with prices starting at €20,900. There’s a decent boot and the back seat will take child seats easily. The standard 105bhp version is quick and sporty to drive.

It’s brilliant to see Alfa coming back this year with new and updated models, I for one think that Alfa Romeo make some of the most unique cars on the market in Ireland today, the 4c is old fashioned driving with the modern tech that you’d expect, it really feels special and makes you feel like you’re in a supercar but you paid the price of an exec-o-barge. The 4c goes on sale in Ireland this October and if you get a chance to drive it don’t think just say yes.

Full video of the Alfa Romeo 4c appearing soon as I stop grinning from driving it.

Bob Flavin

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