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Video: Iconic name returns to the Formula One grid

In 1992 the name McLaren-Honda left the Formula One grid ending a five year partnership after winning 44 grands prix and eight world championships, now they are back and ready to upset everything.

In the time of the great Senna who constantly fought against Prost, colliding with him on several occasions. They fought on every corner for every race, yet they were on the same team!

The team was McLaren and in the late 80's Honda started to supply a 1.5 turbo engine that seemed unbeatable. The F1 decided to ban turbo chargers and Honda reacted by making a 3.5ltr naturally aspirated V10 instead. They won the season again.

Relations in the team weren't so good as Prost believed that Honda and Ron Dennis were favouring Senna on team decisions so Prost announced, in the middle of the season, that he was going to Ferarri the following year.

In 1992 Honda withdrew from the F1 scene and McLaren tried at first to get Renault engines but ended up with Ford. Honda and F1 went separate ways.

2014 and the names McLaren-Honda are once again reunited on the grid but not for awhile. The test car called MP4-29H/1X1, undertakes its initial systems checks in Abu Dhabi before Christmas, and we only commence full engine testing next February.

Everything came right for McLaren-Honda during the late 80's, they not only had the best cars but the top drivers as well, now they are coming back all eyes will be on what they will do as a team to lift the sport and a few titles.

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