Saturday 25 November 2017

VIDEO: Dashcam captures biker's 'spiderman' recovery after high speed crash

Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

The luckiest man alive lands on the roof of a car and stays on his feet.

There are times you count your lucky stars, you might have won the Lottery, your child was born safe and sound, your team scored the winning goal in the dying seconds of the match and then there's this guy.

Driving in Russia requires bravery, talent and a Lada this Motorcyclist appears to have none of them but what he does have is luck.

As you can see the car in the centre lane does all the right things, there's an indicator and a bit of mirror-signal-manoeuvre going on when the motorbike, who is going a lot faster can't change lanes quickly enough and collides with the rear end of the car. There's nothing that unusual there but it's what happens next that's truly amazing.

The biker does a forward flip and mid-air lands on the roof of the car without losing his footing. There he waits while the car slows down so he can get off.

He could give 'Spiderman' a run for his money, maybe the rider should get a job as a Stuntman then again maybe that would be too easy.

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