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UX's million km warranty; No 1 awards in town; Audi goes digital

Shortcuts with Eddie....





THE first electric Lexus, the urban crossover UX 300e, will arrive here in January; expect price/spec by early August.

Significantly, there will be a 10-year/1,000,000km (million km) warranty.

The first all-electric Lexus (pictured) is powered by a newly developed 54.3 kWh battery that covers 300km+ (WLTP) while slotted under the cabin floor and rear seat.

A high-output 204 DIN hp motor/generator drives the front wheels. I'm looking forward to driving it.

* SEAT is celebrating its 70th anniversary this month.

* The World Car Awards, with whom I am privileged to be associated, are once again the No 1 awards programme on the planet, according to Cision Insights annual media tracking report.

That makes it the eighth consecutive year World Car has achieved this rating.

Audience reach was up by 16pc to a record 287 million.

* Audi is preparing its first purely digital worldwide market launch for the new A3 range. Around 15,000 sales and service staff and 20,000 service technicians are being prepared and trained for that.

The company says: "In view of the coronavirus crisis, Audi is, for the first time, completely foregoing face-to-face training and instead is using a variety of digital formats ranging from web-based training to augmented reality and virtual reality training."

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