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Urgent need to have a growing used-EV market to hit targets

New SIMI president sets out role


New SIMI president Antonia Hendron

New SIMI president Antonia Hendron

New SIMI president Antonia Hendron

We have to create a second-hand electric-car fleet as part of the impetus towards expanding the number of electric vehicles on our roads, it has been claimed.

As the Government sticks by its target of having one million EVs on the road by 2030, Antonia Hendron, newly elected president of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, says she wants herself, and the industry, to be an ‘enabler’ of the green transition.

Confidence among consumers is essential for them to make the change to zero-emission vehicles.

The creation of a second-hand electric vehicle fleet can only stem from the existence of a vibrant overall new-car market.

Ms Hendron said it was “imperative the Government continues the VRT and grant support for electric vehicles until 2025, at which time these supports can be reviewed, and invest now in the public charging infrastructure”.

She added: “I also want to co-opt Government support for apprenticeships and upskilling of our mechanics.”  


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