Saturday 17 March 2018

Tyre labels have not worked - yet. 'Part worn' risk warning

A tyre will deteriorate in storage quicker than in use.
A tyre will deteriorate in storage quicker than in use.
Tom Dennigan
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

LABELS that tell consumers about a tyre's fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise levels have not worked - yet.

That's according to Continental's chief here Tom Dennigan. The system was introduced in late 2012 but Mr Dennigan says it is early days. "We never expected miracles." He points to the length of time it has taken for consumers to get used to reading labels on the likes of fridges etc.

Labels on tyres are supposed to be of similar help to those on kitchen appliances - only they show wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise.

On a more sinister note, Mr Dennigan warned about the risks of part-worn tyres. He said you can't know what hidden damage they have endured. UK experts claim the majority offered for sale have come from vehicles that had been involved in accidents.

Mr Dennigan said: "Ask yourself, would you be happy letting the safety of your family depend on tyres that may previously have been on a vehicle involved in an accident, or perhaps even written off?"

Many are winter tyres and, if put on the same axle as a standard tyre, your car will fail the NCT. It is expected around 2m tyres will be bought this year. Continental also unveiled their new e-Contact tyre for hybrid and electric cars.

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