Wednesday 20 November 2019

Tractors and trailers; slow at lights; poor roads and diesel lovers

People are using their phone while waiting at traffic lights.
People are using their phone while waiting at traffic lights.

Letters from our readers on the risks people take on overtaking and using phones when stopped at traffic lights.


IT is shocking to see motorists gambling on overtaking tractors and trailers on narrow roads down the country.

That is just madness.

I have seen several cases of it this month, especially on the fine days when the farmers are drawing silage.

It is a busy time for farmers and I understand it is awkward for them but they also need to be aware they are holding up traffic and that someone is likely to be tempted to overtake.

Everyone seems to be in such a mad hurry these days but there is an obligation on us all to make it safer on the road.

Keep up the good work.



Is it just me just imagining it or are people taking time to text or call when the lights are red?

I don't know how many times in the past month I have had to blow the horn to 'wake up' a driver in front who was so engrossed in his or her phone they had lost all track of time and place.

What a way to be carrying on - especially at lights where they are even more likely to be caught by gardai.



Explain to me why the local councils let the edges of roads go so bad and frayed.

I destroyed a tyre on one last week when I had to pull in tight to avoid being hit by a lorry. I wouldn't like to tell you what it cost.

Surely we are paying enough tax to expect that all the road is capable of taking a vehicle and not posing a threat to its tyres.



I see you are always saying people that put up low mileage every year should not buy diesel but should buy a petrol car instead.

I don't agree. People should buy what they feel like and with a diesel they will get a good deal more when they are trading in their car. So even if they are paying more when they buy, the premium will come back to them in the price they get when they buy again.

So don't be so quick to tell people what to do. It's their money.


- I'm not telling people what to do. Far from it. I am merely pointing out the economics of paying more for a diesel car when a petrol would save them money overall.

You are entitled to your opinion and thank you for sharing it.


Indo Motoring

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