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The small car war is well under way


You know just about everyone will own what’s called a B-Segment car in their life. This is usually a three or five door hatchback, small and dependable work horse that will trundle about bringing your family and shopping where you need to go. Now Hyundai are putting the i20 into the mix they are kicking off a war.

Over the last couple of months we’ve had the Skoda Fabia, Opel Corsa, Volkswagen Polo and Toyota Yaris all brought out new models. The Fabia and Corsa have just arrived after lengthy drives across Europe with me at the wheel.


Now Hyundai have brought the i20 and are hoping to capitalise on their popularity in other segments. They can push ahead with trying to get a bigger market share of the some 110,000 cars expected to sell here next year.


There will be four varients on the i20 and they are Classic, Deluxe, Premium and Deluxe auto all except the auto are powered by the 1.25 kappa engine which has been kept because it’s reliable and adaptable. The auto version gets a 100bhp 1.4ltr unit.


Prices start at a reasonable €15,995 for the 75bhp Classic, €17,495 for 84bhp Deluxe is probably the one to go for unless you need a diesel then there’s a 1.1ltr unit available on the Classic and Deluxe models for an extra €1,500.


Hyundai have gotten a lot of new customers over the last few years, some of that from making good looking cars along with the five year unlimited warranty. They are aiming for a 9.5% market share up from a 4.5% in 2011, this can only come from conquest sales meaning that other companies have to loose their share to realise Hyundai’s aspirations of moving into the third best selling brand in Ireland.


We’ll be driving the i20 as soon as supply hits the ground in Ireland but for the moment the i20 looks like a good prospect on paper.

Whatever happens over the coming months the i20 will be in the running for the APMP car of the year 2016

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