Sunday 21 January 2018

The pros and cons of buying a 152 plate this summer

* Dealers step up drive to tempt new buyers this July

The Mercedes S500.
The Mercedes S500.
There are reasons for and against waiting until January to buy a car
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Lots of people have been on to us asking if they should buy a new car next month, or wait until January for a 161-plate.

There are cases for and against. Here are five of each:


* You get a sparkling new car, most likely updated/refreshed and better specced than what you might have bought last January. And there are some serious deals out there.

* A lot of people prefer to do their shopping for July - it's warmer, drier and the longer days make the browsing and the buying a lot more enjoyable.

* There does not seem to be any major appreciable difference in residual values between July and January-reg cars from previous years.

* You still have six months of the calendar year to enjoy your new model.

* Your trade-in, if you have one, may be worth a little bit more now than it might be in November/December.

Don't forget it will be factored into a deal as being 'a year older' come the end of 2015.

That could represent a few hundred euro of a difference, one way or the other, in whatever deal you manage to strike.


* You only get six months 'new' - with a 161-reg motor you can look forward to all/most of next year.

* There will be another raft of newer and fresher cars lined up for your delectation from late autumn onwards.

* No doubt the distributors and dealers will have tempting deals for 161 cars too - as well as more finance offerings.

* If you are prepared to wait until February or March you could do even better because this year sales fell off quite quickly after the initial burst.

* You have longer to pick and choose and can order from October/November so you'll have no waiting time come January.

And you might even have a few more euro to spare if the Budget is half-way decent.

As always, buying or not buying is a matter for each individual and much depends on their circumstances.

I know a lot of people simply have their hearts set on buying this summer. Others are still staying with the 'full year' and find it difficult to countenance not buying at the start of the 12 months rather than half way through.

One thing is certain, however: distributors and dealers are under pressure to sell big this July - to hold market share and maintain momentum.

They will not let you out the door without going to their limits on a deal. So it might be worth testing the water, either as a dry run or serious purchase.

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