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The new BMW M4 CSL: just 1,000 being made; From €229,870.


The new BMW M4 CSL

The new BMW M4 CSL

The new BMW M4 CSL

To help mark the 50th birthday of BMW M GmbH, the brand is unveiling a new M4 CSL.

Power is up 50hp on the current Competition coupé – to 550hp.

They have shed a lot of weight to get it to 1,625kg and it sprints from zero to 100kmh in just 3.7 seconds.

The two-seater M4 CSL and its special chassis set-up shares critical elements of the M4 GT3 which makes it a track driver but, of course, you can enjoy it on the road as well.

Production starts in July and is “strictly limited” to just 1,000 units worldwide. A mere 100 models have been allocated to Ireland and UK.

The forged M light-alloys are fitted with 275/35 ZR19 tyres at the front and 285/30 ZR20 at the rear.

The twin tailpipes have matt black trim with a stripe-patterned perforation. The exhaust system comes with electronically controlled flaps.

Gear changes are accompanied by a defined engine speed overshoot.

It’s a “snip” at €229,870.

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