Sunday 19 November 2017

The new 80kmh speed limit; the Me-First-Drivers and those rude cyclists

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A stretch of the former N11 north of Gorey where the speed limit was reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h
A stretch of the former N11 north of Gorey where the speed limit was reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h


After reading: "Now it's up to you to set your own, lower speed limit" (Motors, 25th March) I'm beginning to wonder if our Road Safety Authority has finally lost it.

With much fanfare, including full-page ads in the national press, they have informed us that the old 80kmh speed limit signs are to be replaced by new ones which mean, and I quote, "drive at the right speed for the road, and always under 80 kmh". Isn't that exactly what the old ones meant?

As you say yourself regarding posted speed limits: "...a speed limit is not a target; it is the maximum permitted on a given stretch of road".

So, very often, prevailing conditions and common sense will dictate that a speed far lower than that posted should be chosen. This has always been the case.

So, how much has been squandered on this useless exercise? The article includes a photograph of the Road Safety Authority CEO and the Minister for Transport demonstrating the new signs.

The minister is holding one which seems to depict an adult and a child playing football on a road, with a vehicle approaching.

When I was a lad, we were always told by our parents that roads were for cars, not for playing football on.

Am I now to assume that the official line from both our Government and the Road Safety Authority is that this principle has gone out the window?

Denis, Dublin


I live in a quiet country area but drive a fair bit to and from nearby large towns.

I cannot believe how rude some drivers are in towns.

The last thing they think of is a bit of courtesy towards other drivers or letting someone out of a side road.

I was always taught to give others a chance. The mantra now seems to be to give them no chance.

How have we become such a nation of Me-First-Drivers?

Marianne, Galway


I know many motorists don't like to be seen to criticise cyclists because they can be accused of bias.

But I feel compelled as someone who does a fair bit of driving in the general Dublin area to say that some of those on two wheels are a disgrace.

I could take up all your letters space with examples of what I can only describe as boorish behaviour.

All I can say is that if motorists carried on like that - going up one-way streets, cutting across in front of others - they would be banned.

I have nothing against cyclists in general but there are some, I agree a small number, who are giving the rest a bad name.

Ian, Malahide

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