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The Irish Car of the Year votes are cast


There might be some major upsets this year when the awards are handed out

On Monday all of the biggest names in Motoring Journalism came to Browns Barn to review all the cars and vans that are eligible for this years APMP Car of the Year. Over 50 vehicles were assessed, driven and discussed before voting began.

So why is a car of the year award important?

I test over 100 cars a year and the choice in the market has never been better, there's some top class cars out there that don't always get the recognition that they deserve. As a group we can let you, the car buyer, which one of these is the best.

Getting all the cars together means that back to back tests can be done, we can even test all the cars from one category just minutes apart.

I wish all the competitors the best of luck with the competition, I'm sure the correct winner will be chosen from the bunch. The voting will be tight this year as there's so many good cars on the market.

The awards will take place next Monday night, you should follow on Twitter @indomotoring as I'll be tweeting live from the event.

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