Tuesday 23 January 2018

The day I nearly knocked down a young girl because I was on the phone; pedestrian nightmare

One driver narrowly missed hitting a young girl on a bike while answering the phone.
One driver narrowly missed hitting a young girl on a bike while answering the phone.

Readers raise issues including the bad habits of pedestrians and a near miss for a driver who was on the phone.


You often highlight the illegal use of phones at the wheel. But you won't find me doing it any more.

I wanted to tell people what happened to me. I was driving through the main street of a large town in the west (name supplied) when I just 'had to take that call'.

I don't know what saved me from knocking down the young girl on her bicycle who came out of the garage forecourt. I just looked up in time.

I then sat shaking for a while. Lots of cars were beeping at me but I could not move. I pulled into the garage and had a cup of coffee.

I wasn't too bothered about the phone then. I left it in the car. The young girl was unharmed; she will never know how close I was.

Now I have a rule. I turn off my phone before I get into the car. I do have hands-free but I don't want any interference. I'll never forget that feeling of nearly knocking down a young girl.

I would not be writing this to you if I had. I'd be under sedation somewhere because I could not live with that burden. I hope you will publish this. It might save some other person from an ordeal.

(Galway reader).


I am seriously appalled at the way pedestrians carry on in my town. They walk in front of you - often only a few yards from a pedestrian crossing - with buggies, children etc. Older people are the worst. You would want to have eyes in the back of your head. Keep up the good work.

Mary, Wicklow


You wrote about hydrogen cars last week. Are you seriously suggesting they are a realistic option? Don't be so naïve. I was annoyed because you usually adopt a pragmatic approach.

John, Wexford


I don't think anyone would be gullible enough to hand over money as a deposit on a car (last week's main story), without seeing it or driving it. But they do say there is one born every minute.

Brian, Longford

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