Saturday 18 November 2017

The cars and concepts that made my Top 10 at the Paris Motor Show

Eddie Cunningham has picked his top ten from the Paris Motor Show
Eddie Cunningham has picked his top ten from the Paris Motor Show
Surprise: BMW X2
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

On the whole I don't think the Paris Motor Show had the sort of buzz that Geneva generated - or even the previous display in the French capital.

It seemed to me that car makers had arrived at something of a crossroads with myriad models but nothing really leading the charge to change.

However, there were still several cars capable of changing perceptions and I've gone for some in my Top 10.

In no particular order here they are:

Nissan Micra

Forget all you've known and remembered about the 'Micra' look that has, depending on viewpoint, dogged or set apart the supermini for years.

This is a big shift to the trendier side of the road and has an interior to go with it. Expect the new looker to get to Ireland in late spring 2017.


This took me completely by surprise.

I expected typical BMW crossover looks - classy but predictable if you like - but this rival for the Range Rover Evoque is decidedly different.

It is reported we will see it in more or less its current guise towards the end of next year. It is certainly different.

Land Rover Discovery

Maybe having the inside track on this the night before the show has influenced my thinking but I think it is here on merit for several reasons.

The most important is that in terms of design and cabin it is a huge move from more traditional bases to beckoning a whole new urban buyer (see overview alongside this piece).

Suzuki Ignis

It's a small SUV which FIAT has shown can be a niche seller with their Panda 4x4. I liked the look of this and it, more than the Panda, suggests it could be a fun little thing to own. It's not going to sell in huge numbers, but it shows how a small car can be different and fun.

Mercedes Generation EQ concept

Loved the look of this low-slung futuristic SUV. They say it can pump 402bhp and cover 516km on one charge. It is expected to be made from 2019.

If it retains half of this radical design and look it will be a sensation.

Honda Civic

It is longer, wider and lower. It's quite sharply raked - the split rear screen has virtually disappeared.

But inside it was so roomy. Similar interior dimensions to a Ford Mondeo.

It's an imposing car now and while distinctly Civic it has changed a lot too.

Mercedes AMG GT R

It's just an amazing looking car - they had it in green. Couldn't leave it out. This is what motor shows are all about - giving us a bit of magic - even if it is only a variation on a theme.

It says something when two Mercs get into a top 10.

Their designs are cutting edge now.

Skoda Kodiaq 7-seater

I know it has been out there for a while, but it is a measure of the car that it could still attract the level of attention it got at the show.

I mean people were swarming around it.

I expect big things from this large SUV.

Lexus UX coupe-crossover concept

Am I mistaken or are the yawning grilles of Lexus models getting bigger by the day?

This hint at future shapes is unusually muscular looking for a Lexus Which is why it gets into the Top 10.

Volkswagen ID electric car concept

When looking at this I couldn't help but speculate about what will have transpired by the time this 590km-range motor takes to the road in 2020. What will it look like and how will Volkswagen have fared by then?

Indo Motoring

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