Friday 19 January 2018

The car that can make FIVE Dublin to Galway round trips on just 43 litres of diesel

A diesel hatchback has managed to do 141.2 miles per gallon
A diesel hatchback has managed to do 141.2 miles per gallon
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Records are made to be broken, they say. And they are certainly tumbling when it comes to just how far a car can go on a litre of fuel.

Just in is word of a diesel hatchback that has managed to do 141.2 miles per gallon.

That is about three times what most of us get from what we consider to be fairly economical cars in our everyday driving.

The car in question is a Peugeot and the model is the 208 BlueHDi diesel.

It covered 1,337.19 miles (2,152kms) on 9.45 gallons (43 litres) of fuel. That works out at 2litres/100km.

And by my reckoning it means they covered the equivalent of FIVE Dublin/Galway round trips.

My calculator also shows me that they would still have had a nice dram of fuel left in the tank. Across Ireland and back five times: not bad going on 43 litres.

The test took place at the end of April and details are now being unveiled as the French maker - whose petrols are also stretching fuel-consumption distances - claims a new record.

The driving was at Peugeot's test circuit at Belchamp, France.

It was supervised by the relevant authorities (they have long-winded names so I won't bore you with them).

It is important to note that there were no bells and whistles on the car used in the test.

It was, according to Peugeot, a 'strictly standard production' 208 hatchback, with the 1.6-litre BlueHDi 100 Stop/Start engine and an ordinary 5spd manual gearbox.

The 208 was driven for 38 hours and covered a total of 2,152 kilometres (I make that an average 56kmh).

Several drivers took it in shifts of three to four hours at a time to avert fatigue.

Peugeot are claiming that this is the long-distance fuel consumption record for a standard production vehicle.

With the way technology is advancing, it will be interesting to see if/when it can be beaten.

And by whom.

What mileage is your car achieving? Let us know:

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