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Tell Eddie: You reveal the black spots where drivers burst through the red traffic lights


Gardai will now have to stop at traffic lights

Gardai will now have to stop at traffic lights

Gardai will now have to stop at traffic lights

WELCOME to letters with a difference this week. It's all about people identifying traffic-light busters. Dublin seems to be mad judging by the volume of emails. Thank you for your huge response. Here's a small sample (sorry for so many not included) of your comments:

* Turning from Collins Ave right onto Shanowen Road. The cars on Collins Ave (heading for Whitehall) just won't stop, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road. And then the cars from Shanowen start moving out.

* Any of the junctions on Merrion Square but in particular with Holles Street. I counted 12 cars breaking the lights. The gardai could make a fortune at this junction alone. Thanks for your article. It highlighted an increasing problem all around Dublin.

* The dangerous road intersection of Parnell Street, Capel Street and Little Britain Street where there are no traffic lights. I have been asking for this to be looked into for some time now. At this stage I am resigned to the fact it is going to take a serious injury or death before something gets done.

* This is not a new system as it existed for years at the traffic lights between St John's Road and Con Colbert Road (at the old Rowntree factory). We can expect this technology to make no difference.

* I was surprised not to see the Baggot St lights mentioned - the junction with Mespil and Haddington Road. I have been walking this route for decades. At least three cars regularly go through on a red light, in particular from Haddington to Mespil Road.

* Outside Donnybrook Fair shop in Donnybrook (I think some are confused/looking at the Marlborough/Morehamption lights ahead).

* LUAS lights at Sandyford (Stillorgan stop), you only get two cars through on the right turn before they go red, then green again while people think they're getting a long red.

* Pembroke St turning right onto Leeson St.

* Amiens St /Store St inbound - a second set of lights on the other side of the LUAS tracks makes motorists stop suddenly, thus blocking the lines

* Summerhill/NCR junction (heading towards Ballybough) - if the two first cars at the junction are turning either left or right, nobody can go straight ahead on the green 'straight ahead' arrow as

* Saw this 'cyclo-terrorist' going through red lights outside Pearse St garda station, got verbally attacked by girl.

* The lights on Beach road outside Rehab Group head office Sandymount D4. I cross at these lights every morning on my way into work and have learned over time never to trust the green man here.

* The pedestrian crossing between Scoil an Duinninigh & Feltrim Shops on Feltrim Road, Swords - so many near misses

* The R117 Dundrum Bypass and R112 Taney Road, beside the Ladies Legs. There are two junctions about 80 metres apart. They drive on the traffic islands, ignore red lights, yellow box junction rules, break right turn only rules, red lights, amber lights.

Indo Motoring