Sunday 16 December 2018

Tell Eddie: 'It is great to see someone fighting for the hard-pressed motorist'

Tell Eddie...

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Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie, Thank you for recently highlighting the unfair tax levied on older cars (before 2008 when the emissions system was introduced and let diesel run riot and now we're paying for that).

If minister Denis Naugten is serious about ridding our roads of 'dirty' (not my word) old cars, he should incentivise people like me.

I'm not able to afford to change up the years. I am hammered for road tax. Surely something can be done?

Pearse, Dublin


Your correspondents from last week lack moral courage. They saw people damaging cars and did nothing about it. That's what has the country the way it is - nobody is prepared to step up and stand against such behaviour.

I am a victim of such damage. My car was dinged and scraped on the side of a quiet road. It is a terrible thing to find.

Teresa, Cork


Well done to Ms (Dorothea) Dowling for putting it up to the insurance companies over not quoting for older cars. It is a disgrace. I have had to borrow to buy a seven-year-old car to replace my 2005 Opel, which was in perfectly good shape.

Frank, Galway.


Give Ms Dowling our thanks. It is great to see someone fighting for the hard-pressed motorist.

Mary, Westmeath

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