Saturday 17 February 2018

Technology monitor study claims to show women are better drivers

New figures show women are better drivers than men
New figures show women are better drivers than men
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Technology would appear to have given its verdict. Women are better drivers than men, it claims. But are they really?

A piece of technology has been measuring 2,000 drivers' behaviour.

And, according to the insurance company using it, No Nonsense, the following results have emerged:

* Women in their 20s had better scores when it came to accelerating, braking and cornering.

* Women didn't over-accelerate as much as men.

* Women working in science/ engineering fields have the best driving rating (72pc).

* Connacht has the highest percentage of safe female drivers (82pc).

* Munster male drivers are the riskiest (39pc).

* Teaching has the highest proportion of safer male drivers (71pc).

Participants were updated on their performances by the company to help them see where they could improve.


They got feedback on important areas of driving such as acceleration, braking distances and cornering.

The idea behind the research is good - if your driving improves you get a discount on your insurance.

And the company claims it is the first time they have had this sort of data on Irish drivers.

But, while in no way taking from the study or the excellent female drivers, the truth of the matter is that the question of who is the better driver is just too broad to answer.

On an everyday basis we all see horrendous driving from men and women.

The insurance statistics generally would appear to show women are safer drivers.

But it is difficult to extrapolate important elements from that. For example do men, generally, drive longer distances as part of their work? And as a result are they statistically more likely to be involved in proportionately more accidents?

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