Thursday 22 February 2018

Taxis, learners and even pensioners: Survey reveals the Irish motorists that drive us most mad on the road

Pensioners are among the motorists that drive us most mad
Pensioners are among the motorists that drive us most mad
The Toyota Land Cruiser - a 4x4 is one of the types of vehicles were are less likely to let out
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

We are a fickle, small-minded lot - if a new study of driver behaviour is to be believed.

Following last week's Independent Motors' disclosure of a survey showing how we love to snub posh car owners, we have evidence of a different sort of hostility towards drivers this week.

The latest research is for Continental Tyres and has its Irish chief saying the results are 'shocking'.

In what can only be described as pure small-mindedness, the research found that six-in-10 motorists take a distinct dislike to the other driver/car if it is displaying a sticker for a rival sports team.

Even worse, we get quite annoyed if the car has a sticker denoting support for a cause, or organisation, the survey found.

It also discovered that the single biggest reason we won't let someone pull out from a junction is if they are on the phone.

The Continental research lists the top 10 drivers/cars we are least likely to let out from a side road.

They are: 1. Anyone using a mobile phone; 2. A performance car; 3. A vehicle towing a caravan; 4. Someone driving a flash model; 5. A 4x4; 6. A taxi driver; 7. A learner driver; 8. A bus; 9. A van; 10. A pensioner.

You'll agree that's a lot of people we are not prepared to treat with normal courtesy.

And when it comes to snubbing those driving a flash car the reason given is blunt: "Because they think they're 'it'."

Continental Tyres Ireland chief Tom Dennigan says: "Although this survey was carried out by my colleagues in the UK, I think the results would be similar here in Ireland.

"The finding that motorists may adopt a more aggressive driving style based on the appearance or make and model of another motorist's car is certainly shocking".

While it seems most motorists are not too pushed or bothered by the prejudice, it still affected the choice of car by one-in-seven.

Hybrid and electric vehicles divide opinion too. One-in-three believe owners are right to consider the environment.

But another third describe them as 'tree-huggers' or 'self-righteous'.

Mr Dennigan urged people to be sensible. "Rather than focussing on the aesthetic, the important factors should be driving behaviour, car safety and tyre condition - as these are the things that really impact on safety."

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