Wednesday 18 July 2018

Support worthy cause; shed some light; more petrol; UK fine for Auris; Tesla truck is delayed

Toyota Auris
Toyota Auris

This is worthy of support: on Friday, the brand director for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Ireland, Alan Bateson, will take part in Focus Ireland's annual Shine A Light Night fundraiser.

It is an occasion when the business community comes together for one night to raise funds vital for homeless people.

There will be sleep-outs at Dublin's Christ Church Cathedral and Cork's City Gaol.

Since 2012 the sleep-out has raised more than €2.5m.

Alan says: "There are more than 8,000 people homeless in Ireland and 3,000 of these are children, just like mine and yours. This is an increase of 60pc in 12 months."

He has committed to raise a minimum of €3,000 by Friday. To support the cause, visit

* You'd often wonder what it takes to get people to listen.

There is a spate of radio ads on at the moment on road safety and ensuring your car is in good mechanical condition for the dark, colder months ahead.

It just so happened one was running on Saturday evening as I was confronted by an oncoming car with only one headlight working - and followed by a similar one in my rear-view mirror.

It is easy to jump to conclusions, but would you not notice if your lights were poor?

It's an easy thing to check, so maybe a quick look at your earliest convenience will alert you or put your mind at ease.

* Isn't diesel getting an awful hammering all the same? It just goes to show you how something emerges as a trend these days and then takes a grip.

You know it is hitting home when the likes of Renault - which is famous for its diesels - is adapting a large engine plant to build more petrol vehicles because more customers are shifting towards them. I still think diesel has a real future.

* It looks like Toyota will build its next-gen Auris at its UK plant in the belief the British government will hammer out a transitional Brexit deal.

* I'm getting tired of the word 'upmarket', but there is no avoiding it. Ford are saying that's the direction they are taking their new Focus when it is rolled out in Europe next year.

They say they expect sales volumes for the highly popular car to be "slightly lower" than they are currently.

That's because of the move upmarket, I presume, and the avalanche of compact SUVs.

* Speaking of which, Renault are planning to add a second small SUV to slot in alongside its big-selling Captur from 2019.

There is some mystery about it, but the vehicle will be built on the same line as the Captur in Valladolid, Spain.

Speculation suggests it could be a larger version of the Captur along the lines of a Grand Captur, which would be in keeping with the likes of the Scenic and Grand Scenic.

* Volvo's standalone performance brand, Polestar, are revealing a new performance car next week.

They are showing snippets of the first model's styling, but other than that it is a matter of wait and see. I dread these sneak-leak previews - the mystery means the fully-revealed car nearly always disappoints.

* Tesla have postponed their lorry launch to November 16 because of difficulties in the Model 3 production line as well as relief efforts in Puerto Rico, according to CEO Elon Musk.

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