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Speed ramps for suburbia, dim outlooks and sat navs


GPS car navigation

GPS car navigation

GPS car navigation

Eddie, Speed ramps must be one of the most vexing additions to our road network. I'm also guessing they damage tyres, bodywork and suspensions as well as making journeys uncomfortable.

I understand the logic but these are not a solution, effectively penalising all motorists because of inconsideration by a few.

There also seems to be no standard heights across the country. Although I understand there is a guideline of 100mm for these ramps.

Apart from the damage to vehicles, I'd be concerned that the ramps and associated low-gear driving adversely affect the air quality adjacent to them. Is that a cause for concern that so many of these are located near schools? There's a project for some Young Scientist to undertake.


Eddie, Re: speeding in suburbia: rumble strips do not seem to be the answer.

I have been overtaken negotiating a ramp. There appears to be no simple answer.

Cameras to record behaviour? Fined on photo evidence; a warning followed by a fine might work.


Eddie, Can you ask the Road Safety Authority to run a campaign advertising the use of dipped headlights in times of poor visibility.

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I find the standard of driving in Ireland atrocious. Even the professional drivers, lorries, vans and taxi drivers need educating. Today, I drove from Tralee to Tarbert between 15:45pm and 16:30pm in rain and overcast conditions and the number of drivers not using lights was awful. Lets have a "SEE and be SEEN" campaign. It will save lives.

Colin A Burnham (Colin, they are running a day-time headlights campaign but no doubt they will take note of your comments)

Eddie, I am surprised you are giving column inches to a person who was caught speeding and was relying on an out-of-date sat nav to tell him what the speed limit was. Does that chap not know that the signs are the legal (usually) notice of a speed limit?

To rely on a sat nav which showed a limit that existed before 2009 was utter carelessness. If we were to go by that mantra, could I argue that there was no speed limit in (say) 1980, therefore any speeding fine was invalid? If the drivers were paying proper attention to road signs, they would not get caught.


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