Sunday 8 December 2019

Something just went 'bump' with Eamon's new Mercedes only days after he bought it

As a road user you have to deal with ramps
As a road user you have to deal with ramps
Treat speed bumps with care
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

When insurance official Eamon McKenna, from Malahide in Co Dublin, retired recently he decided to treat himself and swap his Citroen Picasso for a gleaming 06 Mercedes.

Two days after he collected the car "the suspension fell out of the bottom of it" - a consequence, he reckoned, of an encounter, a day earlier, with a nasty speed-bump. It cost €300 to repair.

He says: "I'm not against speed ramps. When applied sensibly they are effective in cutting speed in built-up areas. In some areas there is an irritating tendency to have speed ramps bunched closely together. On one short stretch of the Old Yellow Walls Road in Malahide there is a ramp every 20 or 30 metres which is completely unnecessary."

He claims well-designed ramps (like those through Ballymun village) will effectively reduce the speed of traffic, but they should not bring traffic to a halt which is what happens in some other areas.

On Old Yellow Walls Road, the local bus stops completely before each ramp so as not to damage its suspension, he claims.

"There appears to be a lack of consistent or scientific approach to the design and structure of ramps. Some appear to be professionally laid down; others look like the local handyman did the job. In some areas they are poorly maintained as well," he adds.

Four things to lower risk

1. Accept ramps are there for a reason and it is up to you as a road user to deal with them.

2. Many people rush between ramps then kick up a stink when they hit one after misjudging the slowing distance.

3. Accept you may have to 'crawl' to avoid scraping the undercarriage with some large mounds.

4. Avoid sudden braking - it lowers the front of the car, making it more likely you will bash the underside against the ramp. And the car behind may not be as quick to stop - double trouble.

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