Thursday 14 December 2017

Slow-down day; young drivers; 'real' parking charges; waiting for fuel prices to fall

Gardai recently held a slow-down day
Gardai recently held a slow-down day

Readers praise the garda slow-down day and note the failure of the price of fuel to drop.


I was delighted to see the Garda slow-down day last Friday. I'm sure it saved accidents and maybe lives.It just goes to show what enforcement can do.

My suggestion is that the Government set aside a set amount of extra money so we can do this on a regular basis and get peope into the frame of mind where they are saying to themselves: "I could be caught speeding today, I better slow down."

I respectfully suggest it could have as much of an impact, if not more, than an awful lot of the ads and projects warning people.

Sometimes there is nothing to beat the reality of seeing something working.



I understand the mentality behind the slow-down day but from what I could see it only worked where people knew there would be checks.

A bigger problem remains and that is the awful behaviour of some drivers who carry on regardless. Your supplement highlighted many of these behaviours a few weeks back.



Have you noticed the young girls with buggies thinking they can cross the road anywhere with no thought for drivers?

Also where I live, on country roads young female drivers are the worst for speeding. You can barely see their heads in Golf GTis and BMWs.

They have no idea what to do if an emergency occurs.


(I think it is unfair to pick on young female drivers. The behaviour you mention is every bit as much applicable to older people too - Eddie)


You are always whingeing about the cost of parking.

Your most recent rant was about having to pay an extra €2 for two or three minutes because you went over your allotted time. Tough. They are the rules and you have to live by them.

And parking charges aren't that bad here compared with some other countries. I've lived and worked in London for many years and all I can say is you guys have it easy.

After paying your congestion charge, you could also have to pay €15 an hour for parking (depending on what part of the town you are parking in).

So get real, Eddie.

And stop whining over a few extra cents. Typical Irish mentality; hate paying for anything.

Live in a real city for a while and you'll see how well off you are.



I'm looking forward to seeing fuel prices drop like a stone over the next month or so.

Oil prices are way down so, as always, the garages will pass on the reductions immediately. . . . NOT.



Fuel prices are lower than they have been for a long time. But they should be lower. When are we going to see them?

I hope when we do that we don't let it go to our heads again and start buying less economical cars.

That's what happened before the country went bust.



What do you do when cyclists ride on the road where cycle lanes are provided?

How do you report them when they are breaking the law?

I suggest that all cyclists have a licence and a number plate attached to their bikes?


(What do you think?)

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