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Skoda 4x4 for their Octavia hatchback


SKODA have added a 4x4 Octavia hatchback to their range.

It starts at €27,995 which is €1,100 lower than the current Combi (estate) version entry-level price

They say that, as most people buy saloons/hatchbacks, having a 4x4 model in that guise is far more relevant to potential buyers.

The company says people feel all-wheel drive vehicles are purely for severe weather conditions of snow and ice. However, they also give better grip on the tarmac. As well as that, a 4x4 can cater for increased towing loads.

First PCP for a commercial from VW

VOLKSWAGEN has rolled out the first personal contract plan (PCP) for commercials.

In a move likely to be followed by others, they have introduced a PCP for the Caddy van. It starts at €189 a month.

One of the significant elements is that the deal is based on someone driving a realistic 30,000 kilometres a year - and not a much lower mileage as can sometimes be the case with passenger cars.

However, Volkswagen say they can match mileage to whatever suits the customer - and that goes for cars too.

New SUV from Alfa Romeo 'due next year'

Alfa Romeo is likely to unveil a compact SUV next year as part of the brand's revival.

It will follow a saloon that is predicted for June this year.

The saloon, known as the Giulia, will be unveiled on June 24 to celebrate the brand's 105-year anniversary.

It is reported that both models will be based on rear-wheel-drive technology.

The SUV will be targeted at buyers of the Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

And it will be the first vehicle to have a new powerful V6 diesel.

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