Monday 23 April 2018

Sign up for the future or your car will do it for you

Cars of the future will have smart technology assistance.
Cars of the future will have smart technology assistance.

IN a few years time your car will be your Personal Assistant. It will pick up on signs you make and will even know what you are going to do next.

The new technology will not require you to press buttons as such. A waft of your finger will be sufficient. There are just a few concerns in all this. But first let's revise this new technology unveiled by Jaguar Land Rover.

The system will recognise your from your smart-phone or other device. So when you open the door, it will already have set the steering wheel, mirrors, seat and temperature to your usual liking. And it can email or call ahead to advise you're going to be late. They call it Smart Assistant technology.

They say if you are taking the children to school, the car will recognise every passenger and offer each their own preferred music, video or radio options.

They will also have a virtual windscreen. It uses that uses the entire screen as a display. That means your eyes don't ever have to leave the road. The 3D image instrument cluster could replace the rear view mirror.

And lasers will help you change lanes and park in tiny spots.

They are also developing a 'gesture control system' which limits the need to look or feel for buttons and switches. Based on touch screens which detect the proximity of your finger from 15cm, it tracks any gestures you make with your hands.For example a simple hand swipe across the door handle will do.

A flick of your finger in thin air could mean indicating left. Sweeping over the glass could open the window.

What if you are merely gesticulating? Or giving someone the two fingers? No doubt they'll work that out too.

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