Tuesday 16 July 2019

Shortcuts with Eddie... Insurance: missing the obvious; risk of keyless; Skoda's SUV; Mitsubishi EV

Shortcuts with Eddie...

Mitsubishi Engelberg
Mitsubishi Engelberg
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Sometimes the obvious escapes us - as a reader points out to good effect.

Following some advice from me on how to cut insurance costs he outlines, briefly, how easy it is to forget to check one source.

Here's an abbreviation of his story:

'My renewal (with An Post) was €640; not cheap but relatively happy with it. I thought I'd get a few other quotes. All were either close or a lot more. This confirmed I was getting a good deal. Just before finishing I noticed that An Post was on the Google search page, so I thought "I wonder . . ."

I completed all sections (address, car, driving history, named driver, etc., all of which they already have on file), selected the same fully comp cover as I had received in my renewal quote, and was quoted €515 (€125 less).

I phoned, checked details with the agent, then bought the policy.

When the agent asked me to forward my proof of no-claims-bonus, I said: "You already have that on file. I am currently insured with yourselves."

She retrieved my quote and said "Oh, OK. I'll put you through to renewals."

So, Eddie, your advice was spot on - though perhaps next time you could mention RETRYING one's current insurer.'

* SKODA's third SUV - an urban crossover - will reach Irish showrooms this autumn. The KAMIQ will first be unveiled at the Geneval Motor Show in March.

The name derives from the Inuit language and means 'perfect fit'

The KAMIQ joins the 7-seat KODIAQ and compact KAROQ (all start with a K and end in a Q).

It has a high seating position, better visibility, easier entry, and higher ground clearance.

* Be warned: many cars are 'highly' vulnerable to keyless theft.

A study of new cars has found that only a handful are not.

The Which? research was carried out on 237 cars with keyless entry technology. The researchers were able to open and start all - except seven - using devices that are able to extend the signal from the key in the owner's house.

A relay box 'fools' the car into the false premise that the key is closer than it is. Thieves can, therefore, get in and start it before the system discovers the key is much further away.

Four of the seven cars that couldn't be started could still have their doors unlocked.

The three cars not fooled were the Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery and Jaguar I-Pace.

* Honda's Urban electric city car will debut at Geneva too. Meantime, the new hybrid version of their C-RV will be unveiled to the press here on February 13.

* Peugeot will reveal a crossover version of the new 208 in the autumn, it is reported.

* Mitsubishi will reveal an electrified SUV concept model at the Geneva Motor show in March. They have released a teaser of what the car will look like. They are calling it the Engelberg Tourer (pictured) after a Swiss ski resort. And the focus, they say, will be on "next-generation technology".

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