Thursday 22 August 2019

Shop til you drop - in the boot

Delivery of shopping to your car won't be here by Christmas.
Delivery of shopping to your car won't be here by Christmas.

You will soon be able to have your shopping delivered into your car's boot - while you're off enjoying yourself or working.

But the bad news is, the device/system that makes it all happen won't be here for in time for Christmas.

But it may be for the next festive season.

That's because Volvo has just revealed what it is calling the first commercially available 'in-car delivery' service.

It is designed to work like this. If you have the marque's On-Call app and telephone support service you order what you want online from the store you are dealing with.

Then you say you want the stuff delivered to the boot of your car.

Not just to the boot - but into it.

That's possible thanks to a special "digital key." A one-time-only device that the courier can use to access to the car.

So while you're working, or meeting friends, or whatever, the courier can tuck all that awkward shopping safely in the boot and have it there waiting for you when you return.

He/she will use a tablet and satellite navigation to find your car and when the lid shuts on your purchases, you get a notification on your phone.

It's only available in Gothenburg, Sweden at the moment but Volvo says it plans to expand to other countries and that a wider range of companies will participate.

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