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Shocking video shows young drivers distracted while driving

The AAA foundation for traffic safety have released a video showing many young drivers are distracted by phones in the seconds leading up to a crash.

The video which comes from a study by the University of Iowa shows just how distracting a mobile phone car be. Whether talking on it or using it for texting, the distraction level is the same.

The findings of the report suggest that the driver was found to have been driving too fast for conditions in 79% of single-vehicle crashes; following too closely in 36%  of rear-end crashes, and failed to yield to another vehicle in 43% of angle crashes.

The report also shows "The driver was inattentive or engaged in some other non-driving-related activity in 58% of crashes overall"

The footage has been gathered together since 1997 and all drivers are between sixteen and nineteen. Drivers looking at or operating Mobile phones spent and average of 4.1 seconds out of the final six seconds before a crash not looking at the road.

Talking to a passenger also played a factor in distraction as over 36p/c of crashes had another person in the car and the "driver was conversing or otherwise interacting with passenger in 15% of crashes".

The video speaks for itself, you can see how much distraction plays a part in crashes, particularly single vehicle crashes. Have you experienced distraction while driving? Get in touch with us in the comments below or email me directly bflavin@independent.ie


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