Monday 18 June 2018

Shaving, texting and smoking are some of the most dangerous habits of Irish motorists

Applying make-up behind the wheel is a dangerous road habit.
Applying make-up behind the wheel is a dangerous road habit.
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Applying make-up, texting, smoking and even shaving have been named as some of the most dangerous road habits spotted by Irish motorists according to new research.

A new study by AA found that 21pc have spotted a fellow motorist shaving or applying make-up behind the wheel of a car in order to nab a few more minutes in bed.

Texting or operating a mobile phone while driving remains Ireland’s most dangerous road habit while 25pc regularly spot other road users tapping away at their devices. More than 20pc of drivers admit to texting while driving their car, while 45pc of road users see drivers speaking on their phones every day.

The research comes as the Road Safety Authority admits fears than more than 100 more people could lose their lives on Irish roads before the end of the year.

Spokesperson Conor Faughan said: “It is worrying to think that people are still taking risks despite the fact that everyone with an ounce of sense knows the dangers.

“Stricter provisions on mobile devices will soon become law so there are really no excuses,” he said.

The research also found that accessing a Sat Nav while on the road and smoking while driving unnecessary accidents on a regular basis.

Road rage was also singled out as a dangerous habit, with 17.8pc of drivers admitting to experiencing anger from others on a daily basis.

Incorrectly signalling while on a roundabout was also noted as a danger with 35pc admitting to being frustrated by drivers who incorrectly indicate their turn off.

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