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Shame of €30 burger; biased towards petrol; in favour of imports


There is every expectation of a price rise in the fuel in the Budget

There is every expectation of a price rise in the fuel in the Budget

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There is every expectation of a price rise in the fuel in the Budget

The €30 spent on a burger is sticking in some people's throats.

Dear Eddie,

At a time when we are hearing of millions of people starving in Yemen and the Sudan, shame on you for eating a single burger that cost €30. Imagine what that €30 would have done if you gave it to a charity.

I know you have to eat, and I know some of the places you travel to are expensive, but you should have made an example of that extortion and rejected it.

Maire, Donnybrook, Dublin


Dear Eddie,

Why did you pay €30 for a burger? Is this the Eddie Cunningham I read every week who is always giving out about value for money? Couldn't be. If it was, surely that burger would not have been purchased. How can people reconcile that with people starving?

Keep up the good work on the motoring front, Eddie, I read your supplement and Saturday Review every week, but don't let yourself down by giving in to the rampant greed of others.

Sean, Athlone



I drive a Passat diesel and I read your and Aidan Timmons' advice every week. It is excellent and I learn a lot from it every time.

However, I have noticed a big shift in your attitude to diesel. Both of you, but you especially, Eddie. Suddenly you've gone all petrol and hybrid and electric.

What has happened? Have the Big Boys got to you? As a country boy, originally anyway, surely you must know how important diesel is for those of us living and working in rural Ireland? Where would we be with electrics or expensive hybrids? Diesel has been our mainstay for a long time and will have to be long into the future. Middle Ireland needs it.

Stephen, Tipperary


Dear Eddie,

I think your reporting on the level of UK imports is damaging the industry down here.

Hardly a week passes that you haven't news of bigger increases in the numbers coming into the country from abroad. Why?

You are only encouraging people to turn their backs on their own people and put money in the pockets of people outside the country.

There are a number of points to be made but the main one is that money is draining out of the country at a time when it is most needed.

Martin, Limerick


Dear Eddie,

I don't see you giving much advice to people on where to buy the cheapest cars when we all know where that is - not in Ireland.

It may be your reticence to upset the motoring industry cart in the Republic but I for one am delighted to say I have saved €5,500 by going North. Why should I throw that money away by buying down in the south?

It is time everyone woke up to the fact that car prices down here have been too high for too long, and ordinary people are seeing where the value is now.

No thanks to you and more like you who have always had a negative slant on the trade from the UK.

Mark, Galway

Eddie replies:

• I will never have a €30 burger again.

• Neither Aidan nor I favour petrol or electrics. What we are reflecting is that the trend to make diesels cleaner is making them more expensive. And there is every expectation of a price rise in the fuel in the Budget. Don't shoot the messenger please.

• Vehicle imports are reported on a newsworthiness basis, not to persuade people to buy or ignore, but to inform.

Indo Motoring