Tuesday 22 October 2019

Seven EV queries; Driven to distraction; There's money in them 'Volts-wagens'

An EV charge point
An EV charge point

People sure do ask a big range of questions about electric cars.

Here are seven that DrivingElectric.com has received and answered as succinctly as possible:

1. What happens if my electric car is struck by lightning?

There are protective fuses which will prevent damage to the car and its battery in the unlikely event of a lightning strike.

2. Can I take an electric car through a car wash?

You can wash an electric car in all the same ways as you can with any car.

3. Do electric cars need special tyres?

You can shop around for a good deal on replacements, just as you would with any other car.

4. Can you plug an electric car in when it's raining?

Yes, with all the usual safety caveats, of course.

5. Will the battery wear out?

After 160,000km or so, you'll likely still have 75pc or more of your car's original battery performance, if not more.

6. Can you tow a caravan with an electric car?

You can, but you'll be limited to choosing certain models, if this is important to you.

7. Can you jump-start an electric car?

You can jump start a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or a standard hybrid vehicle, but a pure-electric car can't be jump-started and must be properly charged.

* You know things are quite bad when you are not surprised by new disclosures about them anymore.

I wasn't in the least bit taken aback by a recent AA survey which found that just under 12pc of motorists admitted they'd been involved in a near-miss or an incident after being distracted by the actions of a passenger.

The survey found that children's actions were the most likely to distract "leading to either a near-miss or a collision", with 46pc blaming one or more of their children.

But for 22pc it was a spouse or partner at fault. I'm still not surprised.

All we can do is offer some advice (again) to avert such incidents - safely stop and pull in until everyone has calmed down. The only thing is you may need to do so several times.

* Volkswagen are certainly pumping the cash into electric. They recently announced an increased €44bn investment until the end of 2023 to make 50-plus full-electric models by 2025.

That's a cool €10bn more than previously announced.

It sure is hotting up on that front, which explains why the company's supervisory board voted to support huge spending plans to begin mass production of EVs.

VW chiefs previously detailed plans to add Emden and Hanover to electric-building plants, as well as Zwickau.

The first of the firm's ID family of electric cars (expected to be similarly priced to a well specced Golf) is due from Zwickau late next year, for sale here by 2020.

But the key point of it all is that by mass producing EVs, costs will come down to similar levels of a current diesel.

Who says EV isn't going to be profitable?

There's money in the 'Volts-wagens'.

* According to reports, Jaguar are thinking about an all-electric version of their next-generation F-Type, due by 2022.

Electric is just one of a range of powertrains being considered, according to Autocar.

Another being looked at is a 4.4-litre BMW-sourced V8.

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