Sunday 8 December 2019

Rolling back the years: I'm still finding fun down memory lanes

That’s me (Eddie Cunningham) in Karl Schlauch’s 1964 Mustang.
That’s me (Eddie Cunningham) in Karl Schlauch’s 1964 Mustang.
Irish Independent Motoring Editor Eddie Cunningham drives a Skoda
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

I couldn't let the occasion pass without mentioning two golden-oldie drives over the past year.

Skoda Octavia

My drive in the Skoda Octavia 02 with 515,000 (824,000km) on the clock is still getting reactions online.

And those who travelled in it with me still ask about it.

Strange isn't it how a car can generate so much interest.

It was a real experience.

It had covered about the same as 20 trips around the world; had just the one owner, was driven as a taxi in Tipperary for years and never gave major trouble.

At the time, I wrote: "It is testament to both the maker and the 1.9-litreTDi diesel engine that this car drove as well as it did."

And it is still going strong.

Ford Mustang

The first time Karl Schlauch (known as Kalli) saw a Ford Mustang in the US army base in Germany - right across from his bedroom window - he fell in love with it.

Now living in Cork he let me drive his '1964 (and-a-half)'.

Made in San Jose, he has modified it of course.

It had a 4.7-litre V8 (which wasn't in the original either) but he slung in a 5-litre (bought in the UK).

Straight-line speed exhilirating; a real challenge on the bends.

Part of the Mustang allure.


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