Wednesday 25 April 2018

Revealed: The worst thing about being a kid in the back seat of the car

Singing parents is a pet hate of children
Singing parents is a pet hate of children
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Drive don't sing - that way you won't drive your children mad. That's according to a new study on what children feel are the highs and lows of being driven in their parents' car.

The survey found that parents are just as liable as their children to create a row with the way they go on.

The Number One pet hate is having to listen to mum or dad singing on a family journey. Shouting at other drivers, swearing and picking their noses also came high on the list in the survey conducted by Ford.

It sought the views of 2,002 children aged seven to 12 across Europe - well France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Verdicts varied from country to country but overall two-thirds (66pc) said their parents are annoying on car trips. Singing parents were least popular in the UK (39pc).

French 'enfants' didn't rank singing as the worst habit, but were twice as likely to complain about parents shouting at other drivers. Across all countries, 61pc disclosed how their parents got angry with, or used "naughty words" against, other drivers.

Asking: "Are we there yet?" is the most likely response overall (63pc) but children in the UK and Italy were more likely to ask for music. Fathers got most votes for being better drivers (61pc), but UK mothers came closest on 45pc.

Any views on this?

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