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Revealed: The top 10 bestselling car models in Ireland in 2015


Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf


Volkswagen Golf

The number of new cars sold in Ireland in 2015 is up 28pc from last year, according to figures released by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.

Almost 75,000 new cars have been bought by Irish motorists since January and the Volkswagen Golf has proved to be the country’s most lusted after model as 3,660 drivers scooped one up since New Year’s Day.

The Ford Focus, Nissan Qashqai and Toyota Corolla also made the top ten list as favourites of Irish drivers.

The research also found that black was the most common car colour chosen by Irish drivers, followed closely by silver, white and maroon.

The research found that Co. Longford has seen the sharpest rise in the number of new cars purchased this year compared to last with a 46pc jump compared to 2014.

Predictably, the greatest number of new cars were purchased in Dublin with almost 40pc of new cars bought in the county.

Meanwhile, new-car buyers are taking a breather before launching into an anticipated mid-summer splurge for 152-reg models.

Latest figures show registrations last month were, as expected, down from the highs of January, February and March - but they are still substantially ahead of April 2014.

This reflects a new buying trend since the introduction of two registration dates in the year, in January and July.

The Society of Irish Motor Industry figures for April, and for the year to date, show that registrations reached 9,471 last month.

That is still up 21pc on April 2014 - but the figures are boosted by hire-drive and pre-registrations.

Many drivers who don't buy in the first three months or so are tending to wait for the July plate.

And that is creating something of a lull in sales during parts of April and especially in May, with a virtual halt in June registrations before a huge spike of buying in July and early August.



Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf


Toyota Corolla

Top Ten Best Selling Irish Car Models in 2015

Volkswagen Golf

Ford Focus

Nissan Quashqai

Toyota Corrolla

Skoda Octavia

Hyundai ix35

Ford Fiesta

Volkswagen Passat Saloon

Toyota Yaris

Kia Sportage


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