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Revealed: The Irish city where drivers are 'the worst hypocrites across Ireland and UK' - survey

Drivers in Dublin are 'the worst hypocrites across Ireland and UK' new survey claims


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Dublin is the 'hypocrite driver' capital of Ireland and the UK. At least that's what a new survey is claiming.

It says it has discovered that more drivers in Dublin than anywhere else admit they carry on with their bad driving habits despite energetically pointing out the same faults in other motorists.

The contradictory mix of 'shame game' and 'blame game' emerges in a survey just published.

I think it happens to tie in with what lots of us see on our roads every day.





And, if we're honest, few of us can say we don't see a little of ourselves in the findings.

The survey, conducted by auto retailer Imperial Cars, found that more than a fifth of motorists admit to their own bad driving habits - but concede they are quick to heavily criticise others for exactly the same sort of carry on.

The study looked into the driving habits that rile people across Ireland and the UK.

Surprisingly (for me anyway) 'not indicating' looks like it's the worst offender of the lot.

Men emerged as the main culprits - nearly a quarter admitted they don't bother to let other people know of their directional intentions (at least once a week). I'd put it higher than that.

Inconsiderate parking (remember my rant last week?) and driving well below the speed limit come second and third respectively.


The top five bad habits

The top five bad habits

The top five bad habits

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Maybe we are becoming so accustomed to the use of mobile phones at the wheel but it only comes in as Bad Habit No 4.

Meanwhile, the dangerous practice of tailgating - driving far too close to the car in front - completes the Top 5.

The Imperial Cars survey was conducted with 500 drivers. The secret, as I see it, was getting people to admit both their habits and criticisms in the one interview. That takes a bit of doing. And maybe drivers in Dublin should be applauded for their honesty in admitting the contradictions.

Elsewhere the survey found the older you get the less likely you are to admit your bad driving habits.

Nearly a third (29pc) of those in the 18-24-year old bracket admitted to them at least once a week compared with just 10pc of those aged 65-plus.

Our hypocrisy (honesty?) is highlighted in many ways. The figures show, for example, that 18-34-year olds put inconsiderate parking as their top annoyance but 36pc admitted to doing it themselves.

For older people bad manners was the most common pet hate yet 30pc of over 65-year olds revealed they'd block others' passage when it was their right of way.

In terms of parents advising children about bad driving habits, not changing full beam lights was picked out as the worst thing (36pc of 18-24-year olds). That's a really strange one.

Overall, the survey concludes that Dubliners are the most frequent hypocritical ('honest') drivers with (33pc) admitting to fault/criticism on a regular basis. In second place are drivers in Southampton (29pc) with Birmingham third (28pc).

The big worry from a safety perspective is that 42pc of drivers still admit to using their phone behind the wheel. An additional 20pc admitted doing this at least once a week.

Neil Smith, operations director at Imperial Cars says: "It was interesting to see the extent of hypocrisy amongst drivers, with large percentages irritated by habits, that they themselves do, on a frequent basis.

"The thing that really stood out for us was the use of mobile phones while driving in the Top Five hypocritical driving habits."

He said the survey underlined how important it is to re-evaluate our driving at times.

* Are you a 'hypocrite'?