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Red-light cameras, dangerous M50 junction, why we're getting better MPG





This week, readers wonder which junction is the most dangerous in the country and cameras on red lights.


I would like to know if others share my opinion that the junction where traffic comes off the Palmerstown roundabout/spaghetti junction onto the southbound M50 is one of the most dangerous in the country.

I ask because I find it terribly difficult to safely get out onto the southbound lanes.

I use it frequently as part of my business and I often find that I am being hemmed in to the lanes on the inside that lead to the next exit - which is not where I want to be or to go.

Other vehicles are really speeding by along there. No one seems to want to move over a lane and let new entrants get on.

It is a nerve-wracking part of my journey and I don't look forward to it.

Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me? I think it is a major accident waiting to happen.

Ciaran, Westmeath


I read your piece in the Irish Independent last week about cameras on red lights and penalty points.

You were totally supportive of it and rightly so, I suppose.

But it may not be generally known that some studies in the US have found, where these cameras have been set up, that there was an increase in the number of rear-end crashes (or shunts).

I think that shows that people coming to those junctions are between two minds about whether or not to keep going - which is an instinct that has driven many a one through the lights in the past - or to stop. When they stop it must be, I presume, quite sudden and the car or vehicle behind is caught out and rear-ends them.

It will be interesting to see if there is an increase here. I suspect there will. You might have mentioned this fact in your piece and warned people about it.

Con, Limerick


I know it is part of your job but why are you stoking this fire about miles per gallon (or should I be politically correct and call it litres per 100km)?

You talk about great advances in engines and technology and, in the main, you are correct.

But, shame on you as a so-called motoring journalist, you never mention other factors that play a part too.

First, our roads are much better and there are fewer first-gear crawls in places like Lucan, Leixlip, Maynooth, Kilcock, Naas and so on that we had years ago.

And fuel itself has been improved a lot over the years so better cars use better fuel and we get better consumption.

And anyway, consumption is also determined by how you drive.

I hope you publish this so that people will know there are other reasons for their miles per gallon getting better.

Joe, Wicklow.

(Fair point but technology has played the major part in making 50mpg nearly commonplace with diesels especially these days - Eddie).

Indo Motoring