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Reckless driving on the rise; putting an end to MPG; heavy toll charges


Texting at the wheel. Photo posed.

Texting at the wheel. Photo posed.

Texting at the wheel. Photo posed.

The drop in driving standards is just one of the issues raised by our readers.


I'M 64 years old and as a sales representative for 37 years I have driven thousands and thousands of kilometres all over Ireland.

I have been lucky never to have had an accident and hopefully never will.

However, I honestly believe the driving habits and manners on our roads have reached the lowest of the low.

The majority of drivers are generally well disciplined but there are a growing number not so.

The speed and lane changing on the M50 in the early morning is frightening.

Most exceed the 100kmh limit at such ferocity it's amazing there are not more serious collisions.

It will happen unfortunately in my opinion.

Other instances include truck drivers turning while on their mobile phones or speeding especially in 50kmh or 60kmh zones.

Just today (Sunday) a motorist pulled over suddenly without indicating.

I gave a gentle reminder on the horn only for him to give me "the finger ".

I used to love driving with a passion but now I just pray we get from A to B safely.

Recently while driving south on the M9 to Waterford near the Carlow turn-off, I passed a large truck doing 120kmh.

To my horror I saw this car racing up behind me as I was overtaking.

Once past the truck, I indicated to return to the inside lane only for the other driver to swerve in on my inside and pass me.

He was doing well in excess of 140kmh.

If that happened to a less experienced driver heaven knows what the outcome would have been.

Colin, Dublin


We all talk about safety and being better drivers but there is only one thing to make sure we practice what we preach.

And that is seeing more gardai on the roads.

Until the government spends more money on making sure there is a much more visible garda presence, we will continue to see a deterioration in safety and driving standards.

I am not a garda and have no vested interest in promoting a campaign for funds.

It just stands to reason.

Erin, Clare


Can we please stop using MPG please. It is litres per 100km.

You are one of the bigger culprits.

I have been reading your (excellent) section every week and hardly an edition goes by without you mentioning MPG. That's old Ireland.

James, Meath.

(Eddie writes: I take your point but so many people find MPG a quicker way of focusing on fuel consumption. I always give MPG and litres/100kmh but your point - and that of many others - is noted.)


People are talking about reduced fuel costs and better roads and I agree with all that.

But recently I had to drive to Galway and back to Malahide twice in the one week and it cost me nearly €30 in toll charges alone (Westlink, M4 Kilcock, and beyond Ballinsaloe).

The least we can expect is good roads on that basis.

Seamus, Dublin

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